Meet the team members behind Meredith Las Vegas

When you work with Meredith Las Vegas, you'll have a dynamic team of marketing consultants and an award winning production crew at hand to help build unique, creative and effective advertising campaigns for your company. From producing a memorable TV spot, to developing a targeted digital campaign, your Meredith Las Vegas marketing team will guide you every step of the way to ensure to reach your target audience. Best part, we will continue to stick by your side to make sure you're hitting your goals. Get to know the Meredith Las Vegas team and see what they can do for you.

Kristin Baker-min (1)-1

Kristin Baker

Key Account Consultant

Jon Miller-min (1)-1

Jon Miller

Key Account Consultant

Gabi Hedin-min (1)-1

Gabi Hedin

Key Account Consultant

Holliegh Romero-min (1)-1

Holleigh Romero

National Sales Assistant

Tom Baker-min (1)-1

Tom Baker

General Sales Manager

MikeKorr WBG-1

Michael Korr

Vice President/General Manager

Hunter Howard-min (1)-1

Hunter Howard

Strategic Account Specialist

Christine Wagner-min (1)-1

Christine Wagner

Strategic Account Specialist

Patti Mills-min (1)-1

Patti Mills

Strategic Account Specialist

Levy Lemus-1-min (1)-1

Levy Lemus

Commercial Producer/Director

Crissie Bown-min (1)-1

Crissie Bown

Local Sales Manager

Terri Peck 2019 Approved-3

Terri Peck

Station Manager

Rich Castro-min (1)-1

Rich Castro

Account Development Consultant

Derek Eige-min (1)-1

Derek Eige

Account Development Consultant 

Myna Kent-min (1)-1

Myna Kent

Sales Support Coordinator

Gene Sugano-1-min (1)-1

Gene Sugano

Commercial Producer/Director

Yvette Rodriguez-min (1)-1

Yvette Rodriguez

Marketing Manager

Mary Posey-min (1)-1

Mary Posey

Sales Support Coordinator

Erika Chater-min (1)-1

Erika Chater

Sales Support Coordinator

Jamal Spears-min (1)-1

Jamal Spears

Regional Account Executive

Rachel Commeford

Rachel Commeford

MNI Targeted Media Account Executive

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