An audience identified by age and gender is a great start.  An audience that can be described beyond that to include occupation, hobbies, consumer behavior, brand association, and other tendencies is the essence of lifestyle marketing.


What is Lifestyle Marketing at Meredith Las Vegas?

When it comes to building and marketing lifestyle brands, Meredith’s portfolio says it all! People, Better Homes and Gardens, Southern Living, and All Recipes are just a few of the 42 iconic brands under Meredith’s belt. 

By aligning your company with these powerful household names, Meredith Las Vegas can target customers that share similar lifestyle traits, and who will directly benefit from your product or services.

Whether it's print ads, magazine cover wraps or integrated segments in Las Vegas’ #1 lifestyle and entertainment show, MORE Live in Las Vegas!, Meredith Las Vegas can establish these brand-building relationships and produce engaging content that gets results.

MORE Live in Las Vegas!

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The Importance of Lifestyle Marketing

Lifestyle Marketing can open the door to groups of potential customers who already share your similar interests and opinions – you just need to be invited! By creating custom content alongside Meredith’s established brands, your message will be more than an ad – it will provide information, entertainment and even credibility to your brand.

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