About Meredith Las Vegas & FOX5

Why should I choose Meredith Las Vegas?

With Meredith Las Vegas, you'll experience an environment of expertise, professionalism and transparency. Our team works diligently to understand your business and your goals.We will work with your team to reach your campaign goals which include brand recognition, SEO and ROI.

How much do I need to invest in producing a commercial?

It depends on the type of commercial and extent of the work. Factors like total shoot time, multiple locations and editing can affect the cost. We'll work with you to design a plan that fits within your budget. 

Can I use my commercial elsewhere, or can it only be used on FOX5?

Once complete, the ad is yours to air on FOX5 or any other station or platform of your choosing.

TV Advertising

How far is the reach?

the FOX5 Las Vegas market is available in the cities of Clark County, including Las Vegas, Boulder City, Henderson, North Las Vegas and Mesquite.

What is the difference between broadcast and digital?

Broadcast television has tremendous potential for expanding your reach and brand awareness with a wider audience than many other marketing mediums, reaching an astounding 90% of American adults weekly. Digital encompasses a broad variety of online tactics that allow you to implement branding campaigns as well as targeted tactics to hone in on your specific audience. Both broadcast and digital work very well hand in hand.  

What is the difference between FOX News and FOX5?

FOX is a national news network. FOX5 is a local affiliate in the Las Vegas market. KVVU FOX5 is the market leader in television advertising for local businesses and owned by the Meredith Corporation, parent to such brands as Better Homes and Gardens, PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly.

What are your top programs for ad placement?

The answer depends on your goals, your target audience and the daypart.  Our account executive team will work with our research department to strategically place your ad to meet your goals in the programs most suited for your demographic.

Lifestyle Marketing

What are the advantages of using lifestyle marketing?

Lifestyle marketing is one of the most effective ways to identify with your target customers. FOX5's MORE. Local. Las Vegas. show allows you to connect more deeply with the program's loyal viewers as well as its 100,000 social media followers.

Can I use the segment in my marketing?

Because it is branded FOX5 content, the segment can't be used within your own marketing. However, we encourage you to share links to the segment through your social media channels.

Can I choose which host will do my interview?

Host scheduling is a balance of vacation, sick days and other assignments, so we can't guarantee a specific host in advance, but we will absolutely let you know who it will be 24 hours prior to the segment.

What categories are typically featured on MORE?

MORE Local. Las Vegas. celebrates a wide variety of categories to our viewers. Some of the most popular ones are beauty, retail, home improvement, real estate, auto, dining and casino.

Are lifestyle segments live or pre-produced?

In short, both. We can go live on location or do a pre-produced segment. After airing, they are available on the FOX5 YouTube channel and on the MORE page on FOX5Vegas.com for 30 days.

Cause Marketing

How can my company get involved in a FOX5 community initiative?

Our TV station, KVVU FOX5 is the community leader in Southern Nevada, and has many programs where companies can get involved. If you are interested in partnering with us in a community initiative, please reach out to our Meredith Las Vegas Team so we can discuss your goals and how we can work together to better serve our Las Vegas locals.

What are the benefits of being tied to a charitable cause?

Ninety percent of people say that they would rather purchase from purpose-driven companies. When your brand aligns with a cause that is important to others, you can expect an increase in sales, market share, and how consumers perceive your brand.

Digital Marketing

What are the competitive advantages of using Meredith Las Vegas for digital advertising?

Meredith is media agnostic, customizing campaigns to meet client needs rather than sell purchased inventory. Teaming up with a trusted news station like FOX5 helps your brand's credibility. FOX5 also has more social media followers than all other media partners in the market on all platforms.

How can I target my audience using digital?

Meredith Las Vegas has many capabilities, and we will work with you to find the best solution based on your goals. Tactics could include a combination of OTT, email blasts, social media posts, targeted ads on our website, and more.

What is OTT?

Over-the-top or OTT is now what most of us know as streaming services. The common misconception is that all OTT is the same. In reality there are various types of OTT; CTV or connected TV which is the large screen streaming experience and FEP which is those watching full episodic programs on a tablet, computer or mobile device. 

Email Marketing

How can I be sure my email won't go straight to Spam?

We take care of testing subject lines to make sure your email gets delivered to inboxes. Our email blasts are sent to those who are double opted in to receive blasts reducing the risk of the email ending up in spam. 

Can I target my audience using email marketing?

Yes! Email blasts allow for targeting your audience based on a myriad of things including age, income, zip code, interest, and more. It’s an extremely granular way to hone in on your target audience base in their most intimate space that they check every day - their inbox! You are also able to include more information about your product or service. 

What kind of reports are produced?

We produce various reports that can include statistics like open rates, what links people have clicked on, what browser they used to read the email, and more.

Do you create email graphic design?

Our graphic designers are here to help create a design that works for your business and campaign.

How do I stand out among the clutter?

With email blasts, the subject line is incredibly important. It’s the hook to get the prospective customer to read more about your service. With subject line testing, we can make sure your email stands out from the crowd. 

What is the difference between my client email list vs. what is available through Meredith Las Vegas?

You are already reaching customers on your own list. With Meredith Las Vegas, we can send mass emails to help you reach a whole new group of consumers. We'll also ensure that they are not duplicates of those who are already on your own email database. 

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