Why Your Business is Never Too Small for TV Advertising

Meredith Las Vegas About The Author

June 25, 2020 at 8:55 AM


Regardless of the size of your business, advertising is incredibly important. You always have the potential to reach someone who can benefit from your business with your advertising efforts, increasing your reach and widening your customer base. When people think of television advertising they often think of nationwide companies, but there are plenty of small businesses who have successfully built their brands and increased their bottom line with television.  The truth is that television is one of the most cost efficient advertising buys you can make, and one of the most powerful messages you can put out there. Many people are amazed by the affordability of a TV ad campaign. No matter the size of the business, TV advertising can prove to be a lucrative investment to expand your potential customer base.

TV Advertising is For Everyone

It doesn't matter if your business is small and just starting out or if you've been around for a while. TV advertising can be beneficial for all businesses--and, in fact, the advantages can increase for small businesses who might not already be known in the community. 

If you're small and just starting out, TV advertising is a great way to introduce your business to those who might not know about you in your community. Through your TV advertising efforts, you can spread the word about your business and everything you have to offer. Television advertisements can help you cast a wide net that will raise overall awareness of your business throughout the community.

TV advertising allows you to show off your personality and values in a way your target audience can relate to. Television advertisements allow you to show off who you are, as a business--and, in turn, let potential clients get to know you. Your television advertisements are a great way to set your brand apart, establishing exactly who you are as a business and what you have to offer your clients. 

TV advertisements can help you stand out from your competition. If they aren't taking advantage of television advertisements of their own, it can definitely help position you for success. Your advertising efforts can help give your business personality and standing with your target audience. Television advertising brings a level of credibility, the sense that your business is trusted and successful. "I've seen you on TV!" is a great line to hear as a business owner.

TV Is A Significant Reach Vehicle

You’ve heard the term “Fish where the fish are,” and that’s exactly what television allows you to do- fish in the largest pond available.  Though people have more options now, they still spend more time with television than any other form of media, and many times are using a secondary device simultaneously, making purchases easier.  Studies have shown that television is the number one advertising medium that influences purchasing decisions. If you've yet to introduce yourself to your target audience, chances are that your local media partner has a channel that reaches exactly who you're looking to target.television gives you the chance to reach a great number of people at the same time, substantially increasing the potential for more business. Your local media partner can work with you to make sure that the ad creative and its strategy speak to your target audience. 

There are also different types of "TV" out there, especially as streaming becomes increasingly popular. OTT, for example, allows you to further target your audience and can be another cost-effective use of your media dollars. Working with a media partner, they can help implement strategies that are most likely to be effective for your business as a whole. 

Commercials Are Memorable

By combining sight, sound, and motion, your recall rate for your message is significantly higher than other forms of advertising. While creating a commercial can sound daunting, it’s a much easier process than most would think. Once your business goals are determined, your local media partner will facilitate a brainstorming session to come up with a script to determine how to best position your brand in a way that stands out. Most commercials can be filmed in a day, and turned around for review in approximately one week, meaning you can be on air quickly. 

There’s No Better Time To Advertise On Television Than Now

Many small business owners fear that they just don't have enough money in the budget for advertising.Being a small business, however, is all the more reason why you should be advertising now. Pricing has never been more aggressive, and viewership has never been higher, creating a fantastic opportunity for small business owners to take advantage of. You may, of course, want to grow your business at a scale that you're comfortable with. Working with a media partner in your market can make it easy for you to establish and meet your goals. 

A brand awareness campaign can help increase brand identity. Through a brand awareness campaign, you are able to begin strengthening brand identity as soon as possible. No matter the size of your business, brand awareness is important for reaching new customers. Over time, those community members become more likely to become customers.  

Starting your advertising early can help you to begin building that critical, loyal customer base. Your repeat customers hold a lot of value for your business. While continuously bringing in new customers is important, starting to advertise early on can help you to create loyal customers. By building awareness of your brand, you can start building that important customer base and bringing them to your business, providing the foundation that can keep business consistent. 

TV advertising is one of the most effective means of advertising for businesses to reach their audience, no matter the size of the business. While small businesses may believe that TV advertising isn’t for them, it’s an affordable option that can assist in reaching their goals. As a small business, in particular, it can be beneficial to work with a media partner during this process. A media partner can guide you through the process of TV advertising, including working within your budget and investing your ad spend wisely. As you expand your business, you can continue to expand your advertising--and your media partner can help you adapt and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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