Case Study Highlight: Nevada State College

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January 26, 2021 at 3:00 PM

Case Study Highlight: Nevada State College

Nevada State College had a goal to improve enrollment by enhancing the teaching profession’s overall image and bringing awareness to its programs. However, they needed help shining a spotlight on their efforts. To achieve their goals and track their success, the administration partnered with Meredith Las Vegas. The Nevada State College Case Study details the process, and this blog will summarize how the partnership started and why it was successful. 

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The Problem

Despite a desperate statewide teacher shortage, Nevada State College faced a stagnant enrollment rate in their teachers program. LaNelda Rolley, Director of Marketing and Events for Nevada State College, knew that they could be the answer to the teacher shortage if they could find a way to raise awareness and remind the community of their brand. However, the problem was steep to overcome, as they were up against the pervasive impression that teaching is a low-paying occupation.

The Goal

According to Rolley, the goals were to "reinforce the Nevada State College brand among community leaders, potential students, and their families; and to position Nevada State College as the answer to the teacher shortage issue across Nevada." By partnering with Meredith Las Vegas and the award-winning local TV station, FOX5, Rolley and the administration felt that they could cast the teaching industry in a positive light and attract qualified graduates for the college's teaching programs. 

The Process

Ms. Rolley chose Meredith Las Vegas to help create a custom campaign called "The Power of Teaching." Leveraging the audience of FOX5's popular lifestyle show MORE Local. Las Vegas., the campaign promoted the college's teaching programs to the local community. They concentrated initially on raising the overall image of the teaching profession. To accomplish this, they invited A-list celebrities to the show to discuss the influence a teacher had on their lives. Some of the guests included producer Tyler Perry, comedian Monique, Vegas Golden Knights player Reilly Smith, headliner Terry Fator, and singer Joey Fatone.

Next, the campaign rallied high school students and people between the ages of 18 and 35 to consider going into teaching. “The Power of Teaching” campaign also sought to engage parents to encourage their high school and college-aged students to enter Nevada State College's teaching programs. According to Rolley, the college wanted to partner with a local station that would appeal to their non-traditional student demographic. She went on to give credit to Meredith Las Vegas for ensuring expectations were met and for offering options to expand the partnership.

The Results

FOX5 featured Nevada State College in four interview segments in their studios, reaching almost 75,000 households in the 18-35 age group. According to Ms. Rolley, online impressions numbered more than 600,000. Enrollment in the teaching program and related courses increased. The campaign was so successful that Nevada State College ran it for an additional year. 

The reason the campaign achieved such success was that it changed the impression of teaching by illustrating the dramatic impact a teacher has on their students' lives. By promoting the profession through an emotional connection, the campaign highlighted the importance of teachers and minimized the issue of pay. It focused on completing the required courses with a call to action that encouraged future teachers to enroll in the teaching program at Nevada State College.

By partnering with Meredith Las Vegas, Nevada State College saw measurable results. NSC achieved its goal of increasing awareness of its teaching courses while reminding those the power and impact of those in the education profession. The campaign addressed the negative rhetoric around low salaries by focusing on the positive influence a teacher can have on a student’s life. The result was an increase in enrollment.

Meredith Las Vegas Solved the Problem

When the Nevada State College administration realized they had a problem they couldn't solve independently, they contacted media partner Meredith Las Vegas. The enrollment in teaching courses had become stagnant despite the severe teacher shortage in the state. By working with the Director of Marketing and Events, LaNelda Rolley, Meredith Las Vegas created a campaign to raise the profile of the teaching program with an ultimate goal of increasing enrollment. They then worked with an award-winning local FOX affiliate to reach their target audience. 

Continuing their history of successful campaigns, Meredith Las Vegas formulated a plan that solved the problem and enabled NSC to achieve its goals. As the case study shows, not only did the campaign lead to increased enrollment at the school, but it helped to address the problem of the state's teacher shortage. Investing in the knowledge and expertise of a professional can produce an impressive ROI for your business or institution. Working with a media partner, you can raise your business’s visibility, increase your reach, and influence your targeted audience to achieve your goals.

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