Hunter Howard

Hunter Howard

Hunter studied as a Marketing and Film Double Major at Santa Clara University, and promptly moved to Las Vegas after graduating to work for Meredith Las Vegas. His affinity for data and numbers matched with a love for creative storytelling makes him a versatile strategist. He is an avid sports fan and enjoys writing during his spare time.

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When it comes to marketing, one of the best strategies to maximize any campaign is to understand the industry you are in and the consumer buying process in that industry.  At each stage of the buyer's process or journey, customers have different...

Case Study Highlight: Subaru of Las Vegas

Subaru of Las Vegas is the only Subaru dealership in the Las Vegas area and needed more locals to know it. Prior to partnering with Meredith Las Vegas, Subaru of Las Vegas had been focusing primarily on cold calling and generalized campaigns.

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Typically a legal dispute is unexpected and costly! And unlike a mechanic or doctor - many people don’t have a preferred attorney on hand. As a result, most people who need legal help end up contacting the first lawyer they can think of - which...

How Do I Reach Cord Cutters?

Across the United States, cable and satellite TV subscriptions have continued to  drop by more than four million subscribers between 2019 and 2020. Even though these consumers have cut the cord to traditional cable services, there are still...

What Local Advertisers Need to Know About OTT

If TV ads are at the heart of your marketing program, then embracing the power of OTT might just be what you need to reach the next level. This advertising medium is becoming increasingly popular as people choose streaming platforms that add to...

How to Match Digital Marketing Tactics to Your Goals

Although traditional marketing methods, like a TV ad schedule, still have tremendous pull, they are best complemented by smart digital marketing tactics. The ever-increasing popularity of the internet is changing how people approach the purchase...