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Michael Korr

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June 30, 2020 at 9:15 AM

At Meredith Las Vegas, we have held a long-term commitment to excellence to be leaders in our industry through unmatched customer service, brand-building efforts, and advertising campaigns that reach our client's target audience. Our advertising efforts go substantially beyond television to focus on a wide range of offerings, including social engagement, email, streaming, and more. We help our clients take their marketing efforts to the next level, engaging with clients in a highly visual way that improves a sense of connection and enhances brand recognition. 

We Are Consultants For Our Clients

We are more than just your local TV station. We are with our clients every step of the way from the initial research phase to strategy and production: helping our clients learn more about their target audience, the types of advertisements that are most likely to reach those potential customers, and what they need to accomplish their goals. Equally important, we analyze the campaigns so that together, we can better the next one. 

The TV Industry is Evolving, and We’re On Top of The Trends

The television industry is in a period of rapid growth. Increasingly, many brands are incorporating streaming in conjunction with direct television advertising. Television is evolving toward event-based marketing and content mobility. Many people are binge-watching their favorite programs, which means longer sessions in front of the screen. In order to get the maximum reaction, it's necessary to explore the limits of creative boundaries.

What does that mean for you? At Meredith Las Vegas, we help you understand how to adapt your efforts to meet the latest changes in television. Our team is always on top of marketing trends, and we know how to position your brand so that you can maximize the efficiency of your marketing efforts.   

We Are Multi-Faceted

We cover a wide range of marketing services including:

TV advertising: We work to put together high-quality television commercials and ensure that they're reaching your target audience with the right combination of reach and frequency.

Digital marketing: We have a wide range of digital marketing efforts, such as premium ad space on our market-leading website and Facebook page, helping our clients reach their potential customers wherever they are. 

Lifestyle marketing: We work to help you find and connect with your target audience to spread awareness about your products with product integration. Through our lifestyle show, More! Live in Las Vegas!, we are able to showcase businesses in the Las Vegas community. 

Social engagement: Social media has become more important for many brands -- and we'll help you connect with your customers through branded content based posts on our social media channels. 

Email marketing: Email marketing allows you to connect with those prospects who are already interested in your services and to remind customers about the products you offer. 

Streaming & OTT: Streaming has become increasingly popular and provides brands with a targeted medium to reach their target audience based on specifications you are looking for or programs that your demographic is likely to watch. We offer an OTT platform that makes streaming and reporting simple. 

Strategic planning and research: We dig deep into the data to produce effective campaigns through strategic planning and research that will help you better understand your target audience and the performance of your current marketing efforts. 

Production: Our award-winning commercial production team can produce high-quality creative for TV, digital, streaming, and more that will catch the attention of potential customers while showcasing your brand in a way that consumers can relate to. 

Cause marketing: Getting involved in the community, including causes that have meaning to your clients, can help spread awareness of your brand and build relationships with members of the community. Cause marketing gives your company a chance to connect on a local level with other businesses and consumers.  

We Know the Importance of Quality Content, and We Are Mastering the Expanding Realm

Producing twelve and a half hours of first-run, live news, and lifestyle content each day, Meredith Las Vegas knows how to keep viewers engaged. Content, especially video, has become more influential than ever. Meredith Las Vegas offers production services where we work alongside your company to keep up with modern needs, from the commercial concept needed to reach and excite your users to email marketing, social media content, and more. 

We Value Community Integration 

At Meredith Las Vegas, we understand the importance of community, and we, alongside our partners, strive to make Las Vegas a better place. We pride ourselves on our innovative, forward-thinking team that works alongside our partners in the community through a variety of initiatives.  

Examples include our community outreach program, Take 5 to Care, where we invite local businesses to join us and partner in supporting local nonprofits and their missions for the greater good of our community. In addition, our FOX5 Surprise Squad believes everyone has a story and by sharing their stories and surprising the subject with a little help, we can include local businesses, inspire kindness and hope, and ultimately have a larger impact on the community we serve. Meredith Las Vegas is so much more than TV, and we’d love to have the opportunity to show you how. 

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