Does Broadcast TV Still Work?

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July 29, 2020 at 10:15 AM

Many people wonder with so many options in the streaming space whether broadcast television still works. Are cord-cutters interfering with the ability of broadcast television to accomplish an effective return on your marketing investment? Can you still use broadcast TV to reach your intended audience?

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The truth is people are watching more TV now than ever. Viewers are tuning in for the latest information regarding their local community, and broadcast television is still helping many businesses reach their marketing goals. The weekly TV reach for adults in America is still approximately 90%. Ninety-nine percent of homes have access to broadcast channels, and throughout the current crisis viewing numbers have remained incredible high as viewers look for the latest information on current policies and concerns.


Broadcast television has the potential to get your message in front a wider audience than many other forms of marketing, allowing you to significantly expand your reach and brand awareness.  Broadcast reaches people from all different age and income levels making it easier to target a less fragmented audience.One commercial in local live coverage, can reach thousands of people at one time, giving you a larger pool to draw potential customers from. Viewers can also take immediate action when they view a commercial since a high percentage of viewers use a second device while watching television. 

Why Your Business Should Be Advertising on Broadcast TV

First and foremost, it's an affordable type of advertising. There are many misconceptions about television being expensive, but in reality, it’s a much more efficient buy in terms of the number of people you are able to reach. Many advertisers that are new to television are surprised by how affordable it is with commercials available in a variety of  budget ranges. By connecting with a local media partner, you can learn more about the options available for TV ads and how they can fit within your existing advertising budget. The return on your investment in broadcast TV can ultimately help you reach your overall marketing goals. 

Second, broadcast television allows you to achieve more views. You are able to put your commercial in front of large numbers of people at the same time casting a wider net than other forms of media allow. Base your commercial schedule around the types of shows or times that your target audience is most likely to be tuning in. For example, if you are targeting the business crowd, catch them in the morning before they start their day with morning news product. If you are targeting a dinner crowd, running ads leading up to the dinner hour when people are making their dinner choices would be a good idea. There are still ways to target your message even though broadcast reaches the masses. 

Last, but most importantly, television consistently ranks at the top of the list for what influenced a buyers purchasing decision. There are many ways to capture the attention of a prospective customer, but television allows you to combine sight, sound, and motion which has a higher recall rate than other forms of media that just cater to one sense over the other. 

Broadcast TV is great for building brand awareness, increasing your overall sales and building consumer confidence in your brand as many consumers still naturally trust the brands they see on television. If you're ready to get started on your broadcast tv marketing plan, working with a media partner can offer critical advantages. Not only does a media company help produce high-quality commercials for broadcast TV, but you can also work directly with them to get guidance on placement, how to best reach your target audience, and analyzing the metrics of your overall marketing efforts to streamline the process. 

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